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Author: Jane Hall

Here at Town End Farm Holiday Cottages, we’re just as concerned as you about the spread and effects of the Coronavirus. Therefore with the wellbeing of our guests at the forefront of our minds, we’d like to reassure you that at the moment no cases have been confirmed in anyone staying in our cottages or indeed living and visiting Malhamdale as a whole, although we realise this is a very fast moving situation and circumstances can change rapidly.

We acknowledge that guests may want to change their travel plans and have therefore decided to allow guests to amend the date of their holiday to a later date within the next 12 months without incurring any charges. At the moment this only applies to holidays due to start on or before 21st May 2020. Further concessions may be necessary in the future. The cost of the new holiday may be higher or lower than the original one depending on the time of year chosen.

We take great pride in the quality of our normal housekeeping and we’re taking extra numerous precautions in our cleaning and hygiene routines to minimise the risk to our guests.

Having said all this, Malhamdale is still a beautiful part of the country to escape to and get away from crowds of people. By taking a walk, sitting by a stream or driving through the hills, you can almost forget the current crisis.

In the meantime, please stay safe.